TEDxSeattle Day-of-Event Volunteer Application

We are so excited you are interested in helping with TEDxSeattle! This application form is intended for volunteers who are interested in volunteering for the day-of-event. Registration, ushering, and greeting are common tasks.
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How many years have you volunteered specifically for TEDxSeattle or TEDxRainier? *

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What's your secret sauce? What make you, you? Are you an avid bird watcher, a serial entrepreneur, grew up in a foreign country...? We want to know!
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This will help us ensure you get to help with a role you enjoy!
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What makes you so passionate about TEDx?
Would you like to be a Volunteer Team Lead? *

Volunteer Team Leads are responsible for managing the operations for a specific group of volunteers and/or activity. You will act as a communication facilitator between the team you are supporting and the Head of Volunteering and other TEDx core team members (and yes, you'll probably get to wear a walkie talkie).
Why or why not do you want to be a Team Lead? *

Please indicate any special accommodations needed. (i.e. vision, hearing impairment, or wheelchair access)

Would you like to be added to our volunteer e-mail list to receive updates about other volunteer opportunities with TEDxSeattle? *

Do you agree to the following volunteer policies? *

By checking yes, I acknowledge there are inherent risks in volunteering with TEDxSeattle.  I hereby release all event sponsors, supporters, and officials from responsibility for any injuries or damages I may suffer as a result of my volunteer position. I additionally permit the use of my name and/or image in broadcasts, radio, telecasts, podcasts, news coverage, web, photographic, sound, or any other digital representation of myself in relation TEDxSeattle.
Are you able to commit to volunteering all-day during the event (6am to 5pm on Saturday, November 18th)?

Thank you for applying! We will be accepting volunteers on a rolling basis and confirming all volunteers via e-mail. 

Any other additional comments or questions?
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